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Sustainability Events in the Region

July 26, 2014, 10:00AM

Citizen Preparedness Training Program

Waterfront Elementary School, 95 Fourth Street, Buffalo, NY 14202


Sustainability Events in the Region

August 2, 2014, 10AM- 3PM

Beyond Flowers Tour 2014

Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus parking lot
589 Ellicott Street at Goodell

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Buffalo Niagara Partnership Profiles One Region Forward

Check out the recent post that the Buffalo Niagara Partnership featured on its Partnerships Perspectives blog about the launch of One Region Forward’s new Citizen Planning School. Learn about what the Citizen Planning School is, what a Champion for Change is, and how you can get involved.

Read the full article at BNP’s Blog

What 57 Maps Tell UsWhat the Maps Tell Us

What do the choices citizens made on their maps tell us about what they want for our region?

At Community Congress Workshops this past fall and Workshops on the Road this past winter, citizens got to map what they want their future Buffalo Niagara to look like in forty years. As work on the analysis continues, trends and common themes are emerging from an analysis of the 115 maps citizens across the region created at the  2013 Workshops.

View the Analyzed, Collective Results of November 2013 Workshop and Workshops on the Road Maps

Looking across 115 citizen created maps to understand what citizens want their future Buffalo Niagara to look like.

See what the analyzed, collective maps look like

Ways You Can Get Involved in One Region Forward Right Now

PhotoVoices Across the RegionPhotoVoices Across the Region

Express your vision for making Buffalo Niagara more sustainable through photos and captions.

Take photos or videos of places you want to change or places you want to keep for future generations, describe how you feel about these places, and help shape the One Region Forward movement.

Get started adding your photos!