Join us on April 28th for a learning series webinar on land banks.
View the webinar and materials from the 2/21 learning session on the Clean Energy Communities program.
View the webinar and materials from the 8/2020 learning session on complete streets.
Watch the video of the 3rd Learning Series session of 2020!


*** Note: the 2020 Champions for Change program has been postponed due to class scheduling issues. The program will be back in the fall of 2020. If you applied for the planned spring session, your application will be honored when applicants are reviewed for the fall semester. ***

Do you have an idea to make your community better? Do you want to put that idea into action?

If so, please keep an eye out for the Fall 2020 Champion for Change program with One Region Forward’s Citizens Planning School! Through a series of six workshops, homework, and teamwork over three months, Champions for Change learn how to turn ideas into action with practical tools, knowledge, and leadership skills.

Questions or comments? Please contact Lisa Kenney at or 716-857-0096