1RF wins National Planning Achievement Award for Public Outreach
Explore data-driven maps focused on demographics, transportation, land use and more in our region.
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Review the plan encompassing almost 3 years of research, community engagement, partnership building and planning.

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Feb2015Congress_250February 2015 Community Congress

The One Region Forward Community Congress on February 12th welcomed over 150 guests in celebrating nearly three years of research, community engagement, partnership building and planning by over 5,000 citizens and more than 700 local organizations.

A New Way to Plan for Buffalo Niagara, the initiative’s Regional Plan for Sustainable Development was also debuted at the event. The night included a visual storyboard of the milestones and markers that have defined One Region Forward, in addition to next steps and the road to implementation.

For those who are still interested in learning more about A New Way to Plan for Buffalo Niagara, posters and plan summaries will be on display at the Central Library (1 Lafayette Square) through the end of the month.

Feedback can be submitted online.

Citizens Plan a Change for Their Communities

2015 Idea Summit

Join us on May 2nd as we celebrate Citizen Planners and Champions who are planning a change in their communities.

A sustainable Buffalo Niagara region starts at the community level. As a community learning program of One Region Forward, the Citizen Planning School is designed to empower residents to leverage knowledge and planning tools to create change in their communities. The Idea Summit celebrates the work of the Citizen Planning School and its service learning “Champions for Change” program. Come learn about the program, explore what it means to translate ideas to action, and network with local experts, the citizen planners, funders and other attendees to generate more ideas for action.

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CitizenPlanningSchoolmain250Citizen Planning School

Whether you are a concerned citizen interested in learning more about the basics of planning and sustainable development, or you want to implement your idea for a sustainable initiative in your neighborhood, the Citizen Planning School has something to offer. Hosted by One Region Forward and UB’s School of Architecture and Planning, the program offers two levels of training.


CPS_Spring2015SignUp_250Sign up for Spring 2015 Session Citizen Planning School

Already participated? Or new to the Citizen Planning School? This semester features new, more in-depth content. Come and join us again, learn something new or apply for the Champions for Change program!

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CPS_champs250reMeet Our 2014 Citizen Champions for Change

Paul Pérez wants to create a rain garden on the East Side of Buffalo.

Jill Rohring has a plan to transform an underutilized park in Wilson into an educational heritage garden.

Through the Citizen Planning School, 17 Champions for Change are developing community-based projects across the region.

Watch and learn more about the Citizen Planning School and the Champions for Change Program