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In the News: WBEN Interviews 1RF Steering Committee Members

On Sunday, August 17th, local radio station WBEN 93.0AM featured One Region Forward during its morning radio program, Hardline with Dave Debo. Robert Shibley, Dean of the University at Buffalo’s School of Architecture and Planning, and Hal Morse, Executive Director of the Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Council, were invited to discuss One Region Forward’s evolving regional plan for sustainable development for Erie and Niagara counties. The plan is intended to serve as a practical roadmap for improving mobility, promoting more efficient land use patterns, strengthening our basic infrastructure, growing a 21st century economy, ensuring broad access to healthy food, protecting housing and neighborhoods, and mounting our region’s response to the challenge of global climate change. Both Shibley and Morse are members of the Steering Committee that is guiding One Region Forward.

Shibley and Morse addressed questions from Debo and listeners about One Region Forward’s emerging recommendations and the collaborative, community-driven process that produced these strategies. Specifically, listeners learned about the “5 Big Ideas” of the plan and actions to fulfill these ideas. Listeners also learned that the themes and strategies in the plan are a result of One Region Forward’s extensive outreach efforts to local community members, sustainability professionals, government officials, and business leaders, among other groups. To hear the full broadcast on WBEN’s website click here. You can also download and provide feedback on One Region Forward’s draft plan by visiting