Citizen Planning School

Citizen Planning School


Cultivating an engaged and informed citizenry to become agents for change at the local level is a central component to implementing One Region Forward.

 Learn more about the Spring 2019 Champions for Change Program.
Applications close January 25, 2019.

Want to plan a change in your community?
One Region Forward can provide you with the tools to make it happen!

Watch and learn more about the Citizen Planning School and the Champions for Change Program

Whether you are a concerned citizen interested in learning more about the basics of planning and sustainable development, or you want to implement your idea for a sustainable initiative in your neighborhood, the Citizen Planning School has something to offer. Hosted by One Region Forward and UB’s School of Architecture and Planning, the program offers two levels of training.

Citizen Planning School Sessions and related events will be photographed and recorded. Images and sound will be posted on the website. Participants who agree to participate in these sessions may be appear in these images.