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Making Connections Survey Results (March-April)

Text It Forward

Text It Forward is a new engagement campaign launched by One Region Forward that seeks to further broaden community engagement. The campaign utilizes an SMS-based survey tool that allows citizens to text their responses to questions that will inform One Region Forward’s planning.


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March – April 2014: Making Connections

March and April’s survey questions focused on transportation and how our region should improve access to jobs, school, shopping, and recreation while expanding travel choices like transitbiking, and walking.

TIFMarch_rightdirection2Question #1: Do you think Buffalo Niagara is moving in the right direction?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Other

The majority of citizens responded that Buffalo Niagara is moving in the right direction. Some mentioned that the region is moving in the right direction for some populations, but not others. Others mentioned that the region is not moving fast enough.

TIFMarch_easyhard4Question #2: On a scale from 1 (easiest) to 5 (hardest), how easy is it for most people to get to their job or school using public transportation?

Citizens could respond with any number between 1 and 5.

On average, citizens responded that it was relatively difficult to get to one’s job or school using public transportation. The majority of citizens (60%) responded with scores of 4 or higher.



TIFMarch_improvetransit2Question #3: To improve our transportation system, our top priority should be making it easier to… 

A. Drive
B. Take Transit
C. Bike
D. Walk
E. Other

A large majority of citizens (74%) responded that making it easier to take transit was key to improving our region’s transportation system.


TIFMarch_roadsnhighways2Question #4: What’s the best way to invest in our roads and highways?

A. Build new
B. Maintain & improve
C. Remove
D. Make pedestrian friendly
E. Other

A majority of citizens (80%) saw the value in our existing road and highway infrastructure. While close to half responded that we should maintain and improve what we have, almost a third (32%) wanted to see pedestrian enhancements made to the region’s roads to make them more accessible to non-vehicular traffic. There was little support (4%) for an expansion of road or highway infrastructure.

TIFMarch_transit2Question #5: What’s the best way to invest in our public transportation system?

A. Maintain & improve
B. Connect to new places
C. Remove
D. Other

A majority of citizens (60%) responded that they would like the region’s public transportation system to connect to new places. One in four citizens wanted to see the current system maintained and improved, while only 3% favored removing part or all of the system.


TIFMarch_expandtransit3Question #6: Where would you expand public transit to?

Citizens were free to respond to this question with as many or as few locations as they wanted.

Citizens chose the Airport, UB North Campus, and Niagara Falls most often as the destinations they would like to see public transit expanded to. While transit includes light rail, street cars, and bus rapid transit, many citizens responded that the existing Metro Rail should be expanded to connect these locations. Other destinations that appeared frequently often had large concentrations of employment and/or residences.

To download the full data set from March-April’s survey please click here.

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