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Mapping Metrics

Mapping Metrics

A wealth of meaningful geographic data on Buffalo Niagara and its communities can be viewed and analyzed on this interactive mapping portal. Find data on local demographics, transportation, land use, economic activity, food systems, and more that can help uncover what the data says about your community.

Get Started with Mapping Metrics

Learn about your local community using the powerful, user-friendly ArcGIS Online interface. Explore maps to get to know the region, create your own map and share it over the web, or use the data to advocate for change in your neighborhood.

Mapping Metrics is a data-driven resource for local communities in Buffalo Niagara

Zoom in on all of the maps to get information at the street, neighborhood, or municipal level.

  • Know Your Zoning
    • Discover zoning information for any place in Buffalo Niagara.
  • Plan Library on the Map
    • Find existing plans for your community.
  • Parcel Performance Metrics
    • Learn key sustainability traits for virtually any parcel site in Buffalo Niagara -basic information along with its development feasibility, accessibility, environmental features, and more.
  • Community Snapshots
    • Explore data on housing stock, population, workforce, and more for any town or neighborhood in Buffalo Niagara.
  • Performance Measures
    • Movement on regional indicators will track our progress toward a more sustainable Buffalo Niagara. Learn how your community impacts key regional measures that can help show how we’re meeting our collective values.
  • Make a Map
    • Access to various data layers related to the region’s land use, economic activity, food systems, and more that you can use to build your own map.
  • Mapping Waste 
    • Snapshots of hazardous waste in Western New York, these maps clarify the region’s legacy waste issues, as well as on-going waste disposal processes.