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Scenario Planning Resources

ScenarioPlanningScenario Planning allows communities to imagine potential alternative futures and test their impact. The process can be tailored to fit a variety of settings, scales and contexts.

One Region Forward engaged citizens across our region in a scenario planning process to develop alternative futures for our region. Learn more about One Region Forwards scenario planning process.

Below are resources for citizens, local planners, community leaders, nonprofit staff and others who are looking to leverage planning to create change in their community.

WaystoThinkAboutPlanningWays to Think About Planning in Buffalo Niagara

One Region Forward Guidebook

This brief guidebook summarizes some of what was learned through the three years of planning, research, and engagement for One Region Forward and suggests ways to think about planning at various geographic scales (our region, municipality, block, parcel, etc.). As a tool, this resource can be used by citizens, local planners, community leaders, nonprofit staff, and others who are looking to leverage planning to create change in a community.
Within this guidebook, users will find some key concepts to consider in community-level planning. Those concepts are supported with information on resources gathered, created or launched through One Region Forward.

ScenarioPlanningPilotProjectNiagaraStImagining the Future of Niagara Street – Buffalo, NY

Scenario Planning Pilot Project

Vision Niagara – a group of local stakeholders who share the common goal of revitalizing Niagara Street in Buffalo – came together with One Region Forward to create a vision for the future of a stretch of Niagara Street in the city’s “Upper Rock” neighborhood. This effort advocates for the revitalization of a long-overlooked corridor with vast, unique potential for reinvestment by showing the benefits of transforming a neighborhood from a neglected commuter’s corridor to an innovatively restored, distinct urban waterfront community.


ScenarioPlanningPilotProjectNiagaraFallsRMPImagining the Future of a Niagara Falls Neighborhood – Niagara Falls, NY

Scenario Planning Pilot Project

An informed group of public and private stakeholders worked with One Region Forward to imagine what the future could hold for the Main Street-Whirlpool Street corridor in downtown Niagara Falls. This effort was a way for stakeholders to envision and test how the planned removal of the northern section of the Robert Moses Parkway from Main Street to Findlay Avenue along with the construction of the Niagara Falls Intermodal Transportation Center could help in the revitalization of the surrounding neighborhood.