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Test Your Sustainability IQ

Test Your Sustainability IQThe more we know about our region, the better we can make decisions about its future.

Take the quizzes below and test your knowledge of how our region is doing in key areas as we collectively define what sustainability means for Buffalo Niagara.

Fruit and Vegetable Farming in Buffalo Niagara

Sustainability IQ Fruits and Vegetable FarmingThrough the 20th century, farming in the region shifted dramatically away from growing fruits and vegetables and towards producing commodity crops, which are primarily used in processed foods and for animal feed. Currently, the Buffalo Niagara region grows only 38 percent of the fruits and vegetables we would need to consume to follow the USDA’s healthy-eating guidelines.

Take the quiz to test your knowledge of fruit and vegetable farming trends in Buffalo Niagara.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Buffalo Niagara

Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Buffalo NiagaraVirtually everything we do results in the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG). Energy production and consumption,  transportation,  and agriculture are just some of the major sources of GHG.

While we are large GHG producers, we can also have a large impact on reducing GHG production, and contributing to a healthier, more livable planet.

Take the quiz to test your knowledge of GHG emissions and learn how to decrease your GHG.

Housing Vacancy in Buffalo Niagara

Quiz: Housing Vacancy in Buffalo NiagaraVacant homes bring a host of social, economic and environmental difficulties to the communities where they are situated.

As new development in Buffalo Niagara has sprawled over the last several decades, vacancy has followed close behind.

Take the quiz to test your knowledge on some key trends of housing vacancy in the Buffalo Niagara region.


Commuting Trends in Buffalo Niagara

Commuting Trends in Buffalo NiagaraIt’s something we do every day, but do we know how our friends and colleagues travel to get to work? How does our region compare to other metros across the state when it comes to commuting options?

Take the quiz to test your knowledge on some key trends on daily commuting in the Buffalo Niagara region.



New “Sustainability IQ” Quizzes will be added regularly to this section.

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