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Text It ForwardWeigh in with a text. It’s as easy as A, B, or C!
Be part of the conversation on what kind of communities we build today for future generations to come.

A brief survey using the text message function of your mobile phone, Text it Forward was one of the many tools One Region Forward used to broaden the conversation shaping the initiative.  By leveraging mobile technology, the One Region Forward team worked to re-imagine public meetings and citizen input in the planning process.


0403141253dThe Power of Partnerships
Through a partnership with the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA), large format print ads were placed in the interior of every bus in the system and at approximately 50 bus shelters located throughout the city and region.

Past Survey Results

new follow-up questions added each monthA total of five Text It Forward surveys were deployed over Spring and Summer of 2014. The subject of each survey was closely aligned with One Region Forward’s focus areas. Hundreds of citizens from across Buffalo Niagara texted in their answers and made their voice heard on topics as diverse as public transportation, land use, vacancy, and food access. Data from these surveys is being incorporated into One Region Forward’s Regional Plan for Sustainable Development.


March – April 2014 – Making Connections












Click here to view the results of the March-April survey that looked at transportation options in our region.


May 2014 – Making Great Places














Click here to view the results of the May survey that looked at making great places in our region.


June 2014 – Making Best Use of Our Resources













Click here to view the results of the June survey that looked at making great places in our region.


July 2014 – Addressing Vacancy & Abandonment















Click here to view the results of the July survey that looked at addressing vacancy and abandonment in our region.

August 2014 – Growing a Healthier Food System














Click here to view the results of the August survey that looked at growing a healthier food system in our region.

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