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City of Buffalo Local Waterfront Revitalization Program

Screenshot of the first page of City of Buffalo Local Waterfront Revitalization ProgramDownload PDF or View Online

The City of Buffalo Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (June 2014) addresses Buffalo’s Local Waterfront Corridor: the area bordering Lake Erie, the Niagara River, the Buffalo River, and the Scajaquada Creek.  It aims to protect and improve major city ports, marinas, and public waterfront access points, as well as plan for transportation based projects, such as the Scajaquada Expressway boulevard project.  It also focuses on public space/amenity projects, public facility rehabilitation, and private investment support for all of these components.

The program aims to:

  • protect the state’s coastal economic, social, and environmental interests
  • safeguard the City’s access to clean, Great Lakes fresh
    water for generations to come
  • promote water based industry and enterprise
  • support commercial and recreational boating
  • promote the City as an international gateway
  • build great water-enhanced places that enliven the waterfront and attract the public
  • provide for public water access in support of the public trust
  • rebuild the Lake Erie/Niagara River food web – recognizing local fish as an important food source
  • minimize environmental degradation from solid waste and hazardous substances; and maximize coastal resilience