Sustainability 101

Sustainability 101

What is sustainability and how do we define it for Buffalo Niagara? One Region Forward explores the issues by looking at what the data tells us, asking the people of our region to define it through actions, and testing our knowledge about how our region is doing in key areas.


Plan a change for your community. Get the know-how to address change head-on and create a vision for your community’s future.

Whether you are a concerned citizen interested in learning more about the basics of planning and sustainable development, or you want to implement your idea for a sustainable initiative in your neighborhood, the Citizen Planning School has something to offer. Hosted by One Region Forward and UB’s School of Architecture and Planning, the program offers two levels of training.

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PhotoVoices Across Our Region PhotoVoices Across Our Region

PhotoVoices Across Our RegionPhotoVoices Across Our Region

Share your ideas and feedback through photos. Express your vision for making Buffalo Niagara more sustainable through photos and captions.

Take photos or videos of places you want to change or places you want to keep for future generations, describe how you feel about these places, and help shape the One Region Forward movement.

Get started by adding your photo and writing a caption today!

What the Data Tells UsFeatured / What the Data Tells Us

What does our current path mean for our homes and neighborhoods?

TN_ProjectedHousingImagine how much more vibrant and prosperous our region could be in 2050 if we actually grew by 265,000 people. But what would this future look like if we continued to build most of our homes on open land disconnected from older neighborhoods? What types of homes would we build, where would we build them and what would it mean for the neighborhoods we call home today?

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Case StudyFeatured / Sustainability in Action

Buffalo Niagara RiverkeeperBuffalo Niagara Riverkeeper’s
Rust to Blue Initiative

What if we used our unique water resources to drive economic revitalization?

Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper is leveraging economic resources to restore the health and integrity of our watershed. In other words, it is launching a blue economy.

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Sustainability IQFeatured / Test Your Sustainability IQ

Sustainability IQ Fruits and Vegetable FarmingFruit and Vegetable Farming in Buffalo Niagara

Through the 20th century, farming in the region shifted dramatically away from growing fruits and vegetables and towards producing commodity crops, which are primarily used in processed foods and for animal feed. Currently, the Buffalo Niagara region grows only 38 percent of the fruits and vegetables we would need to consume to follow the USDA’s healthy-eating guidelines.

Take the quiz to test your knowledge of fruit and vegetable farming trends in Buffalo Niagara.