The Plan

Climate Change Action

Climate Change ActionHow can the region respond to the dual challenges of global climate change – to reduce our carbon footprint to mitigate the impacts of climate change even as we prepare for the impacts to come?

Working TeamsClimate Change Action Working Team

The team will develop proposals to reduce carbon emissions through energy efficiency and conservation and the generation of renewable energy as well as work to anticipate and prepare for impacts of drought, changing lake levels, and severe weather, among others.

Working Team Documents

Keep up to date on the work of the Working Teams as the process unfolds. Documents from the meetings will be posted as they become available.

More information on the overall Working Team process

Climate Change ActionWelcome and Process Overview

Meeting #1 April 2, 2013: Agenda, Notes, Powerpoint Presentation

Meeting #2 May 8, 2013: Agenda, Handout, Powerpoint Presentation, Notes

Meeting #3 June 5, 2013: AgendaHandout, Powerpoint PresentationNotes

Meeting #4 August 28, 2013: AgendaHandoutPowerpoint PresentationNotes

Meeting #5 September 25, 2013: AgendaHandoutNotesPowerpoint Presentation

Meeting #6 January 29, 2014: AgendaHandoutNotesPowerpoint Presentation1RF Community Congress Presentation

Meeting #7 March 5, 2014: HandoutAgenda, Meeting SummaryPowerpoint Presentation

Final Meeting: 
Meeting #8 September 9, 2014:  AGENDAFINAL PresentationDraft IndicatorsFeedback Form

TeamWork Site – Visit our Working Team Website to be updated on materials, events, meetings and more.

Working Team Members

Aliesa Aldelman, Wendel Companies
Nate Drag, Alliance for the Great Lakes
Erin Heaney, Clean Air Coalition of WNY
Frank Hotchkiss, United Steelworkers
Jim Howe, The Nature Conservancy
Padma Kasthurirangan , Niagara Wind & Solar
Michael Licata, TM Montante Solar
Sean Myers, NBT Solutions LLC
Bill Nowak, Consultant to Buffalo Geothermal Heating and Cooling
Kevin O’Neil, Covanta Niagara
Lou Paonessa, Niagara Power Project, New York Power Authority
Jonathan Schultz, Niagara County Emergency Services Office
Jim Simon, UB Office of Sustainability
Bill Smith, Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus
Kelly Tyler, NYSERDA
Jack White, Upstate New York Power Producers
Maria Whyte, Erie County
Terry Yonker, Marine Services Diversified, LLC; WNY Sustainable Energy Association Trust; WNY Environmental Alliance

Working Team Facilitators

Himanshu Grover, UB School of Architecture and Planning
Lynda Schneekloth, UB Regional Institute

Working Team Contributors

Lorrie Abounader, Buffalo Niagara Enterprise
David Bradley, Buffalo Wind Action Group, United Steelworkers, Sierra Club
Jay Bumey, WNYEA Habitat and Natural Resources Chair; Learning Sustainability Campaign; GreenWatch; Friends of Times Beach Chair
Thomas Frank, 1st Niagara National Transportation Heritage Area
Justin Imiola
Jerry Malczewski
Tom Mussell
Lori Riker, Benchmark Engineering & Science
Suzie Rivo Solender, Amherst Youth Board, Erie Co. Tobacco Coalition, American Cancer Society, Amherst Chamber of Commerce
Alison Schweichler, WNY Drilling Defense

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