The Plan

Charting a Course

We will create the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development from the bottom up — building on recent planning and action, conducting new research on our situation, working with subject matter experts, and engaging the public in a rich dialogue about our future and how to make it.

Working Team ProcessGuided by the Regional Vision and Values,  Working Teams and their Contributors will work around the five focus areas of One Region Forward: Land Use and Development, Transportation and Mobility, Housing and Neighborhoods, Food Access and Justice and Climate Change Action.

Regional experts and private citizens will work to fine-tune performance metrics, establish goals for the future and develop implementation strategies aimed at reaching those goals.

If you would like to be a Working Team Contributorsubmit a request online. Our project team will follow-up with email instructions on how you can be a “Working Team Contributor”  so you can review preliminary content generated by these groups and contribute suggestions and comments to refine this body of work.

A final draft plan, complete with performance indicators to help us measure our progress, will be presented at a new round of Community Congresses before the end of that year.

The plan will include special sections on topic areas that have not received concerted attention in previous planning — food access and security — how to make sure everyone in our region has secure access to healthy food — and climate change — what we can do to slow the progress of global climate change and how we can adapt our region to its effects.

A third section of the plan will focus on housing and neighborhoods — how we can make sure that everyone in our region can secure affordable housing in safe, supportive neighborhoods. The federal government provides specific benefits for regions that adopt such plans.

The specific content of the rest of the plan will depend on the input of citizens. We can expect it will provide broad policies on land use and infrastructure investment. Authority to produce local land use plans and zoning ordinances, however, is expected to remain within the purview of individual municipalities.