The Plan

The Process

Developing a Regional Plan for Sustainable Development takes a vision, coordination of efforts from the past and those now underway, community involvement, ideas on policies and innovative programs, and action steps to make the plan a reality.

Process to date

FEBRUARY 2015 process_ANewWayFeb2015

A New Way to Plan for Buffalo Niagara

Celebrating the work of thousands of citizens and hundreds of local organizations to create a more sustainable Buffalo Niagara.

After nearly three years of research, community engagement, partnership building and planning by over 5,000 citizens and more than 700 local organizations, One Region Forward will be releasing its Regional Plan for Sustainable Development entitled “A New Way to Plan for Buffalo Niagara”.

The Community Congress on February 12, 2015 celebrates where we’ve been and where we’re going as a region.


OCTOBER 2014 Final Draft Plan

1RF Final Draft Report

The Final Draft Plan for One Region Forward is now available for public review and comment. This document weaves together close to three years of research, community engagement, partnership building and planning under the banner of One Region Forward.

Public Comment is open from October 15, 2014 – November 6, 2014.

Comments can be emailed to


SPRING – SUMMER 2014 WorkOverview_AlternativesScenarios

Alternatives Scenario Community Congress and 1RF Draft Report

At the Community Congress Open Houses in July 2014, citizens reviewed three different alternative scenarios along with a “Business-as-usual” scenario to find out what each could mean for the region’s fiscal health, housing stock, agriculture productivity, transportation systems and more.

CoverThe 1RF Draft Report has woven together more than two years of research, community engagement, partnership building and planning. The draft outlines five big ideas and dozens of potential strategies and actions to move those ideas forward.

Additionally, 1RF has created a Fair Housing and Equity Assessment to properly address equity and opportunity issues into the regional plan, as well as fulfill HUD grant requirements. The document in its entirety along with the opportunity to provide feedback can be found here.


DECEMBER 2013 – MARCH 2014 Scenario Planning Workshops on the Road

Mapping Workshops on the Road

Citizens and organizations not able to attend one of our Community Congress events were offered the opportunity to host a Scenario Planning Workshops through mid-March, 2014. 58 maps were created by citizens across the region at 22 workshops held across the region. From Niagara Falls to Eden, participants mapped their vision for Buffalo Niagara.




Mapping a Future Buffalo NiagaraMapping a Future Buffalo Niagara.

Citizens across Erie and Niagara Counties mapped their vision for a future Buffalo Niagara. At Community Congress Workshops in November 2013, citizens mapped their future approach to land use, development, housing and transportation for our region. In all, 57 maps were created at the five workshops.

Looking forward to Spring 2014, the Community Congress reconvenes to narrow down the scenarios, explain the impacts of each, and ask citizens across the region to decide which future they want for Buffalo Niagara.

View Maps from all of the Community Congress Workshops

What the Maps Tell Us: An Analysis of the Workshop Maps

SUMMER 2013 – PRESENT Reaching Communities Across the Region

Reaching Communities Across the Region. We’ve asked citizens what they want to change and what they want to keep in their communities for future generations. At events across the region, One Region Forward is committed to empowering the people of Buffalo Niagara to be a part of the process in driving positive, sustainable change in our region and diverse communities. See where we’ve been in the region. Learn how you can get involved.



WINTER 2013 – PRESENT The Work of Working Teams

The Work of the Working Teams. Working Team Members and Contributors help chart a course for action. Guided by the Regional Vision and Values, Working Teams are working around the five focus areas of One Region Forward. Working Teams include regional experts and private citizens working together to establish goals and develop strategies for moving One Region Forward. Learn more about the Working Teams



The Region Weighs InWINTER 2013

The Region Weighs In. Citizens across Erie and Niagara Counties weigh in on the vision and value statements. Concerned citizens, community leaders, representatives from our business community, and our region’s elected officials attended our first Community Congress in Winter 2013 to weigh in on the draft Regional Vision and Values. Learn more about the Regional Vision and Values



A Good Place to Start: 160+ PlansFALL 2012 – WINTER 2013

A Good Place to Start. Buffalo Niagara’s recent planning work provides a head start for defining where we want to go as a region. More than 160 plans for Buffalo Niagara and the many parts of the region — counties, cities and towns, districts and neighborhoods reveals common themes and values across our region. One Region Forward’s draft vision and values come from these plans to guide the work ahead. Visit the Plan Library to view plans from across our region.