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Transportation and Mobility

Transportation & MobilityHow can we make sure everyone can get where they need to go and still conserve energy, reduce our carbon footprint, and create great places?

Working TeamsTransportation and Mobility Working Team 

The working team will develop ways to improve access to jobs, school, shopping, and recreation while expanding travel choices like transit, biking, and walking. The team will coordinate with Land Use and Housing teams to suggest how we can make our urban centers, village Main Streets, and neighborhoods more walkable and accessible.

Working Team Documents

Keep up to date on the work of the Working Teams as the process unfolds. Documents from the meetings will be posted as they become available.

More information on the overall Working Team process

Transportation and MobilityWelcome and Process Overview

Meeting #1 April 2, 2013: Agenda, Notes, Powerpoint Presentation

Meeting #2 May 9, 2013: Agenda, Handout, Powerpoint Presentation, Notes

Meeting #3 June 6, 2013: AgendaHandout, Powerpoint PresentationNotes

Meeting #4 August 8, 2013: AgendaHandoutPowerpoint PresentationNotes

Meeting #5 September 26, 2013: AgendaPowerpoint PresentationNotes

Meeting #6 January 30, 2014: Agenda, HandoutsPowerpoint PresentationFinance Issues PresentationFunding Options Presentation,Notes

Meeting #7 March 5, 2014: HandoutAgendaMeeting SummaryPowerpoint Presentation

Final Meeting: 
Meeting #8 September 9, 2014:  AGENDAFINAL PresentationDraft IndicatorsFeedback Form

TeamWork Site – Visit our Working Team Website to be updated on materials, events, meetings and more.

Working Team Members

Jack Ampuja, Supply Chain Optimizers
James Bender, Hearts and Hands: Faith in Action
Justin Booth, Go Bike Buffalo
Jim Briggs, Niagara-Orleans Central Labor Council
Duane Diggs, VOICE Buffalo
Douglas J.Funke, Citizens for Regional Transit
Gladys Gifford, Citizens for Regional Transit
Jamie Hamann-Burney, Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc.
Matt Hartrich, Buffalo Niagara Partnership
Darren Kempner, NFTA-METRO
Mayor Brian Kulpa, Village of Williamsville
Jenny Laughlin, NFTA
Dan Leonard, Buffalo Niagara Partnership
Mike Leydecker, WENDEL Companies
Jordana Maisel, IDEA Center UB
Brenda O’Neill, Southtowns Rural Transit Corporation Inc.
Creighton Randall, Buffalo CarShare
Leonard Pero, Southtowns Rural Transit Corp.
Eric Schmarder, City of Buffalo
Annie Todd, Oishei Mobile Safety Net Team
Paul Tronolone, USA Niagara

Working Team Facilitators

Kelly Dixon, GBNRTC
Paul Ray, UB Regional Institute

Working Team Contributors

Harvey Albond, Outgoing  Niagara Region State Parks Commissioner (2 terms), President Niagara Falls Rotary Club
David Bradley, Buffalo Wind Action Group, United Steelworkers, Sierra Club
Erin Carmina, 500 Block Association of Main Street in Downtown Buffalo
Thomas Frank, 1st Niagara National Transportation Heritage Area
Joseph Garguilo
Justin Imiola
Meg Lauerman, Continental 1
Keith Lucas, City of Buffalo
Richard Mrugala
Mathew Nagowski, Partnership for the Public Good, Cornell Club of Greater Niagara
Tom Mussell
David Paoletta
Douglas Scheider
Anne Smith
Christopher Snyder, University at Buffalo
Daniel Ulatowski, Town of Cheektowaga Planning Department
Tim Van Oss

Be a Working Team Contributor

Get Involved in the Process

Be a part of the Working Team process by contributing online to the nuts and bolts of One Region Forward’s planning process.

If you would like to be a Working Team Contributor, we ask that you submit a request.

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