The Plan

Weighing In On the Scenarios


Here’s a run-down of what went on at the Scenario Planning Open Houses in July, 2014:

congressLearning about the future possibilities of Buffalo Niagara. The Open Houses area a follow-up to a series of Scenario Planning Mapping Workshops held from November, 2013 through March, 2014 across Erie and Niagara counties where citizens worked together in groups to map a future vision for land use, development, housing and transportation in Buffalo Niagara.  The 115 maps that were created were analyzed and grouped together to produce the scenarios that are being compared at the Open Houses.

More about how the scenarios were created

How Community Input Will Guide the Work Ahead

At the Scenario Planning Open Houses, participants were given a handout and a presentation which outlined the scenario planning process and explained the scenarios along with their impacts. Participants also explored a set of posters that gave more detail on the impacts each scenario would have on a set of common regional values.

After exploring the details, participants weighed in by setting “big-picture” targets for how future development in Buffalo Niagara should be pursued. They also gave feedback on what moves they would like to see made in the region to help meet these targets.

The targets Open House participants helped set were:

  • How much development should go on developed vs. undeveloped land?
  • What share of new development should be mixed-use and compact vs. single-use and dispersed?
  • What share of new development should be transit-oriented vs automobile-oriented?
  • How much current open, natural land should be preserved from development?

Citizens at the Open House meetings also gave more specific feedback on what moves they would want to see made in the region in order to achieve their future vision.

Here are the different types of moves Open House participants weighed in on:

  • Rehab development
  • Infill development
  • Transit-oriented development
  • Making suburbs more walkable
  • Creating new places

Documents and Materials from the Workshops

Take some time to explore the materials below that help explain the Open House meetings and the feedback.

The presentation:

pdf1RF Scenario Planning Open House Presentation

The handouts:

pdf1RF Scenario Planning “What if?” Handout

pdf1RF Open House Feedback Form

The posters:

pdf1RF Open House – Mapping Our Values – Themes from the Mapping Workshops

pdf1RF Open House – Comparing Scenarios – Grow Where We’ve Already Grown

pdf1RF Open House Scenarios – Comparing All the Indicators

pdf1RF Moves to Make It Happen Poster

pdf1RF 5 Big Ideas of the Draft Report Poster

pdf1RF Scenario Indicator Methods White Paper

The Alternative Scenario Online Feedback Tool was made available from early August until mid-September.

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