The Work

Regional Vision & Values

Where Do We Want to Go?

Every successful plan needs a vision to guide it and one broadly shared by the communities the plan is for. One Region Forward will confirm such a vision as an early piece of the work, but we are not starting from scratch to define where we want to go. Buffalo Niagara has been talking about this continuously for years. We will continue that dialogue.

Regional Vision and Values Feedback
Citizens across Erie and Niagara Counties provided feedback on vision and value statements derived from over 160+ plans.

A Good Place to Start

Buffalo Niagara’s recent planning work provides a head start for defining where we want to go as a region.

160+ Plans, One Vision.Our region is not starting from scratch. We have collected, read, and analyzed more than 160 plans for Buffalo Niagara and the many parts of the region — counties, cities and towns, districts and neighborhoods.

For the broader regional planning efforts we are seeking to build on and coordinate with – the Framework for Regional Growth, A Strategy for Prosperity, and others, we have paid extra special attention.

A careful content analysis of these plans reveals a shared concern for a range of pressing issues. This is not the last word about our regional vision and values, but it is a familiar place to start the next conversation.

The Region Weighs In

cover thumbnail RVVNovember 2013 Update: Check out how citizens, stakeholders, and leaders from the private, public and nonprofit sectors have been shaping One Region Forward through the first year of the effort. Read about how this broad-based engagement has refined and sharpened the vision and value statements that serve as the building blocks for One Region Forward.

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Concerned citizens, community leaders, representatives from our business community, and our region’s elected officials were afforded an opportunity to weigh in on the initial regional vision during a series of meetings in late 2012/early 2013. Results of those meetings can be seen below.

Community Congress

Community Congress Vision & Values Meeting #1

January 29, 2013 Erie County

Over 200 citizens and community group representatives made their voices heard at our first Community Congress meeting in downtown Buffalo, NY.

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Read the Community Congress Meeting Summary


Community Congress Vision & Values Meeting #2

February 2, 2013 Niagara County

Over 70 citizens and community representatives made their voices heard at our second Community Congress meeting in downtown Niagara Falls, NY.

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Read the Community Congress Meeting Summary


Private Sector CouncilPrivate Sector Council Vision & Values Meeting

November 14, 2012

Local chamber of commerce representatives and members of the development advisory council of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership were invited to provide perspective from our business and development community.

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Read the Private Sector Council Meeting Summary


Local Government CouncilLocal Government Council Vision & Values Meeting

November 13, 2012

Over twenty elected officials attended our first Local Government meeting to learn about One Region Forward and provide their input on the regional vision and values that can guide the plan.

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Read the Local Government Council Meeting Summary

How the Vision & Values Will Guide the Work Ahead

We have compiled all the public commentary from these events — from keypad polling and related discussions, from wall surveys and comment cards, and online input.
We’ll take the record of this dialogue, as well as from further invited conversations this spring, to produce a revised statement of regional vision and values. This will be shared on-line for further review and presented again at our Community Congress in fall 2013.

In the meantime, the revised draft statement will guide the efforts of the steering committee, staff, and working teams moving forward as we translate vision and values into more specific goals and objectives. These, in turn, will guide the development of tangible action items and performance measurements — also for further review in fall 2013.

Be a Working Team ContributorGuided by the Regional Vision and Values,  Working Teams and their Contributors will work around the five focus areas of One Region Forward.

Interested in getting involved in the process moving forward? Be a Working Team Contributor to have your input and ideas included in the next stage of the process.